Beam Plus Platinum – Highest Rating

Three Garden Road bestowed the highest rating – Financial Platinum under BEAM Plus EB V2.0 Comprehensive Scheme with the highest score in Hong Kong, with full marks in five categories including innovations and energy use. The Scheme is a prestigious green building certification in Hong Kong, which adopts a holistic approach to assess the long-term environmental performance of the building. Three Garden Road has become a rare building in Hong Kong to achieve “double platinum” ratings for both BEAM Plus and WELL building standards.

We are very pleased to celebrate Three Garden Road’s achievements in scoring the highest amongst all existing buildings in the city. Champion REIT had a proven record in its sustainability efforts and this attainment has undoubtedly served as another driving force for the Trust to continue advancing climate resilience of its properties

Cary Chan, Executive Director Hong Kong Green Building Council

Water Use


Materials and Waste Aspects

Energy Use

Site Aspects

Indoor Environmental Quality

Innovations and Additions

First-in-HK WELL Building Platinum Standard

Three Garden Road achieved the WELL Building Standard Certification of Platinum rating. WELL is a global standard created to advance the wellness of buildings, including air, water, light, nourishment, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community. The recognition highlighted our holistic approach to foster a favourable and healthy environment for our tenants and employees who work in our building.

Three Garden Road sets an example for many existing buildings in Hong Kong that WELL is achievable for all buildings. Champion REIT demonstrates its commitment to advancing health and well-being for its own employees, and all the people who work for and do business with the tenants inside the project.

Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman and CEO of IWBI

Novel “Champion Our Wellness” experience to promote physical and mental well-being, such as classical concert series “Musica del Cuore”.

Groundbreaking wellness amenities, such as flexible workspace for events and drinks, to foster the culture of work-life balance.

Pleasant and relaxing dining space and provision of a variety of delicacies and healthy choices.

A 30,000 sq.ft. PURE Fitness Centre, the only fitness centre with swimming pool in Central Hong Kong.

Embracing art and culture through art pieces and hand-painted staircase creation.

Smart and sustainable features for energy optimisation, including leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology and solar panels.

Rare and unique abundant green and open space in the CBD, over 25% of exterior site area with natural elements.

Gardening space to promote eco-farming and green living.


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